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Our vascular access experts are ready to serve you 24 hours a day. Whether you are a 25 bed sub-acute facility or a 5,000 bed acute care medical center, we have vascular access programs to meet your needs. 

Do you have a vascular access team that places less than 500 PICC or Midlines annually? If so, you could save over $50,000 annually; call today and we’ll show you how.

Are you paying clinicians a salary even when their services aren’t needed? We provide prompt, courteous and patient centered vascular access care at a fraction of the cost and often at a fraction of the time. Our average call to service time is 3 to 4 hours / 7 days a week.

Do you have a larger facility with limited evening and weekend coverage? We start working when your team stops!

Vascular access or PICC teams are generally not available in the evening hours. This can often hold up patient care or discharge costing tens of thousands in DRG dollars annually. We back up many vascular access teams in New England. We come in when you need us; we cover holidays, weekends, evenings, vacations and sick calls.

We use advanced PICC tip location and confirmation technology, allowing us to make most catheter tip malpositions and multiple x-rays a thing of the past. We can also eliminate the need for a confirmatory chest x-ray in most patients using state of the art bedside ECG technology; saving your facility thousands even hundreds of thousands annually.

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